You’re the wildest on the streets, 

At nighttime we can hear your engine breathe, 

They roar and we wake with a start,

It doesn’t take much for my aching heart.


I wanna be wild like a lion, 

Even with no-one, I turn all heads in my direction, 

My brown eyes burn like a diamond, 

My touch vibrates on your skin like a violin. 


He’s sun-kissed through and through,

Summer in the air & I just knew. 

If you only knew how golden you are,

I wonder would you burn brighter than a star?  


You make all the songs I sing eternal, 

But when you disappear the desire is just internal. 

You don’t mean to disappoint?

But a girl like me…I’m hard to want.


There are only three things I cannot say, 

But to say is the truth & it is almost the day. 

But you are not here and my heart is full of fear, 

A life of kisses from the sun is not so near.