The world will never love us, 

If they find one flaw that will ruin us both. 

I don’t dare demand happy endings, 

When my beginnings and endings are full of uncertainties. 

We cannot shine like golden beams, 

But we blaze like white lightning in a black sky. 

I am tired of these watered-down melodies,

Elusive like water…my tears escape me. 

When nothing is in our grasp we cannot show them how beautiful we are,

Our souls are all the colours of the rainbow,

Bursting with life, soaring in the skies, 

But they will never know…their eyes are blinded by our light. 

Your allure is poison and oxygen. 

I’m tied between life and death…  

The last few journeys have become unbearable, 

They diminish with a word spoken by a stranger,

Or a thought of you that feels like warmth in the cold. 

But it passes. 

And perhaps it’s become easier to let everything go, 

If the pain is like a blade that leaves me scarred. 

It is my reminder that I too, am elusive like water,

And I never cling to something or someone forever.