It doesn’t die here. I will forever be this girl. Forever searching and looking for a greater happiness as long as I am still alive. I don’t need to open my eyes because my mind has been everywhere; it watches and waits for that day to let this burden burn away. I’m scared of losing myself in the moment, and at the same time I’m afraid that if I love something new the moment before will not be eternal. So I wait, I distance myself, to teach myself that feelings don’t die. And happiness is within a voice and a melody. It’s in the violins and the drums that breathe through me. It is only this that takes me back to the past, the girl I cannot remember, what she was like and who she loved. I’m a myriad. And I have seen everyone’s mind, broad as daylight, I am not one mind, but many. I love all, and fear all. Never failing to rebel in this world that demands I be one and one only, so they can control me. I’m so much more than those lonely nights of doubt and those struggling images of beauty wrapped up in colours and her shiny bells. I’m the song in the night that lives on. I see and understand, singing to get closer to the past, so that when I close my eyes to take another step of faith into this sea of destiny, the sensation of the waves will not terrify me, I will be one in my own world.



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