The clouds are a heaven of their own,

Its outline is majestic, they are not attached to the sky,

A heaven of their own…the closest to the heaven I want to see.

But I know, it’s all too good to be true,

If I take a step, I fall right through,

Fall right back to the ground. 

Truthfully, I don’t want to live on this earth, 

It has drained me dry, many times I have wanted to sink, 

And others have wondered if I’m alright,

Though it seems right to say no, I know I’m more than that,

I’m the person GOD made me to be, 

Knowing that I would have to go through many seasons,

And be many different people, to be able to look at myself in the mirror,

Loving something I had never noticed within.

And share it with the world. 

To find myself, to close my eyes and dream about the palace beyond the clouds,

And perhaps, one day, realise life is MAGNIFICENT. 



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