Not entirely sure if I can say I miss you, 

And I’m sorry if things never turn out the way it was supposed to be, 

I always knew, you were never my conquest, 

I could never defeat you ‘cause silly Sarah needed a thrill to keep her going, 

They were a thrill and a sad one at that too. 

I know that this world rarely celebrates the truth, 

Or the minds that die trying, 

In another life, I would be afraid that my life only extended so far,

That it wasn’t glamorous like sweet innocence. 

Yet what is life to someone who has not lived it all?

Until my time is up, I’ll never know what to really say about the beauty of it all, 

And how my glorification of the stars of a black and white mirror,

Is perhaps but a mirror of my own life painted in coloured emotions. 

There are no enemies in this life, IT means nothing. 

The few thrills exist only to die as new emotions are born.

It is life to surpass the stars; dream dreams of the ultimate thrill.  

All names bathed in starlight burn out in supernovae.