You have your bride by your side and I will throw rose petals as you embrace your woman for life. I only dream that your love is true and strong, and that if it should fail, you won’t make the same mistake again. Perhaps some nights, in your dreams, I wonder if I was ever in them. A figure of malice, mischief or pure mystery, I am an enigma. I’d like to hold hands, look back on this past. Just offer me one last moment for I know you are destined for another life. Yet only was there ever a spark in your soul? And if you answer it, do it gently, for I am too a flame and my emotions are supernovae. Before you are blinded by colourful waves of fire, consider my pain and tell me if she is sweet. Does her smile and laugh delight you and thrill you like a roller coaster? And have you found complete happiness? I haven’t seen you, who knows you got away first? I’m the flightless bird that evaded your attention. You are happy now, and I am not in the least surprised. The girl with the dazzling smile is now dressed in pearl silk. So enjoy your silver petals yet roses are only beautiful in red. A lost letter, one sad little girl, lost in a dreamworld, wild was her name and an enigma she would be.



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