It would break my heart if the one who held my heart laughed at my simple joys. If they could not share in these fantasies, these delights of the mind…how cruelly you left me. I’m back in musical marriage, with a lonesome soul and eternal songs. It’s never enough, yet I believe in emotions. And I may be delicate, but at least I’m not dead inside. The pain I feel reminds me I’m alive and that each breath I take is one with courage. I am so young and an alien to this world. My mind is never going to stop running away from the horrors of the world and the pain in my own, as I wonder if I ever will be dressed in white. I may have to wait years to find someone whose words return my echo. What did I kill inside that made me incredibly hollow? My pain is my own, and I have borne it my whole life. Yet for all the loneliness I feel, I will never bow down to false light. The world takes a star and removes its glow, setting it before the audience to adore. Yet I know that true light in this world is hidden, rarely glorified or witnessed. But to find it is the greatest joy and treasure of all, when the veil is finally torn and life’s meaning revealed.