What is it that delights a mother about the youth of a child? Is it the beauty, the freedom or something else? I don’t know what it is but it makes me happy to think that there is joy and hope when you see your mother smile. I witness her as she returns to her past, cradled by the love of her own mother. I don’t understand these joys that keep me going. There must be a GOD, for this unbridled love cannot exist if it weren’t for divine purpose. The beauty and elegance of youth. We are dumbstruck as the sand in the hourglass of youth recedes with each new discovery and delight. Their innocence, fragile, is a jewel of life. Within your own world you see so many glimmers of hope…easily forgotten by the sting of the past. It is a wonder to think that GOD blessed us more than all the creatures of the world, with the invisible gift of life that can reach heaven. Our souls are from birth to death, precious jewels. After this life, there must be a purpose for our struggles and the passing on of wisdom to our children. So easy to get tied into the belief that life is a series of disappointments. We look past the little blessings whose purpose amounts to something greater than all of the injustices in the world. I want to protect innocence, but life on earth is temporary. I just know that I won’t be there to remove all the pain in the world. Yet all the scars we bear will never last forever if we truly believe in a life after this.