Life’s emotions are too great for me. I will never catch up to others, and life will never catch up to me. Two paths that cross yet never stop. My life, is a series of highs and lows, endlessly going so deep that the peak feels greater than it should. Everyone seems to be living with their own problems but sometimes, I wonder if you can fix the issues of the mind. When a silly thing you do, when you return to childhood, you are punished for breaching the gates of innocence. For earthly innocence is well-protected, but the fragility of a broken soul is left to burn. I am not one of my own, I feel foreign to emotions yet so familiar to sights and touches that I cannot help but cry. Pain is that which I am afraid to escape for I will be exposed to the grey wind. And if I do, I may be too proud to reside in another. Because those that I know, I cannot ever love, I am too sensitive and once love is shattered it can never be fixed again. Trust and love, like me, are delicate petals. Yet, unlike me, trust and love are infinitely strong. I know that my own loves that other girl greatly. They don’t see my fragility. Beauty is innocence, not my tainted past. The world will never forgive me nor love me. They only look at me, with fierce crimson eyes to judge my every breath. I have to get past these gates to find solace and purpose alone. To distance myself from everyone, because everyone and everything hurts infinitely.