GOD is not chasing for perfection in us but for our imperfection. If that is the case why are we striving so hard for something already in GOD’s hands? Weren’t we made to all fall and rise with GOD’s grace? Was I not meant to soar? I’m not the girl who accepts trauma, but it’s the fight against it that seems to leave more scars. Silly me, to think one ray of sunshine wipes clean the stains on my heart. I love it too fast, too easily. Life has been a series of falling and rising. But the first time I fell is when I started remembering, realising and relishing that this could my last moment of sunshine. It is sad to think that the beauty on earth is not only temporary but sometimes cruel. Is it only in my mind? What a relief that would be. I am not even living a glimpse of the dream I truly want. If dreams are only meant to reside in minds, then the past few years are my imagination. I’m struggling to tell you how much I love you but I love you so much. You have a voice that no one has and yet…you accept us all. GOD, how did you create such a beautiful world? How is there so much complexity that I crumble and fall down in YOUR hands and rise with loving eyes. I have to keep telling you I love you and search for new words because that is what I am always looking for; rare words that surpass the pain, the highs, the loves of my life and the disappointments. I am one that has fallen but I will rise.