My hair is long but not smooth.

My eyes are brown but they don’t shine.

My skin is brown but not bronze.

My smile is genuine but never noticed when it matters. 


They all say I don’t smile too much.

They all say that my eyes don’t glow anymore. 

They all ignore the scars underneath my skin. 

But none of them listen to me like I listen to them. 


I was so happy at that standstill, I loved my flaws. 

But my friends made me feel like I couldn’t live like that. 

What was I supposed to do when their gazing was burning my flesh? 

Oh maybe I did all this mess to myself, but there was a time I loved.


I am not like the others whose lives are too easy, I know your pains. 

I am beneath and above you but we’ll never be on the same level.

I hope you understood I’m the reflection of the sun on the lamp post, 

While all you were gazing at me in the glass bubble, letting me blaze. 


Yes, my words are so incredibly real they bleed and,

yes, I’m not a pretty girl, but I tell myself it doesn’t bother me. 

Yes, my quest is far beyond your gaze, far beyond your reach. 

Truly, it is far beyond this world, does my struggle appeal you now?


We are just not the same. 

You don’t seem to mind. 

You dance your life away. 

I only just pray to love again.