Forever is the word I should never say on earth, for nothing is forever, it was only just a moment ago that I was happy. 

Why does time eat away the wonder of the moment I’ll never have again? I’ve wished on the same things so many times.

If they ever come true I know I’ll die before the moment is perfectly felt. 


I just don’t have your class, I was born into an age where all your mistakes are recorded for the world to see. 

And yet, with all the attempts I made to keep my memories in one place, the easier they broke free and rejoined time. 

I always knew that I couldn’t love one thing forever if I was human, but never had I ever thought I’d find you. 


Only because I’m human and only because of my obsession with my forever I lost control of myself and the world. 

Even still the music of the past somehow still reminds me of the bridges burned as I let a part of myself die away.

The world isn’t at peace and I cannot rest my mind or body as I awake to the notion that I’m no longer a child.  


I’m alright if you catch me between four white walls like a child dancing to the songs in the night she holds like water. 

No sleep, there is no sleep when you’ve seen and felt how death and the passion of life are a breath apart. 

If it was easy as holding on with my bare hands I’d have gotten there now, yet I’m immersed in my mortality & mania. 


I’ve always believed forever was greater than the riches and glory of earth, I’ve always dreamed of heaven.  

If the sky is going to fall down on me, then do it when I am asleep so I don’t have to wake up to another restless morning. 

Wherever he or she is, I must stop asking questions when you’ve made your plans, set the date, dressed up in white lace. 


I just hope you know that forever isn’t worth it here on this earth, I hope you value the pain I endured for wisdom. 

There is a cost to all the things I love, like winter for the summer, the sun for the moon, like hate for love. 

But it reminds me that what I want, when I get it, is the most precious gift because it won’t be there forever.