I only hope that my parents won’t laugh when I tell them ‘All I have is you.’

Thinking about something to sing about, all I have are these meaningless words in my library. 

Even when they reject me, blood binds us together no matter how much blood has been shed. 

Do we understand this power we share, this power of life pulsing through our veins? 

Do we dream like warriors or are we still afraid to emerge like butterflies into an uncertain world? 

A butterfly who didn’t know the force of the wind of your words against its wings I’ve retreated back into a cocoon.

It is only out of love and fear that I choose to remain close to the flesh and blood that made me the underdog. 

I think I made a dangerous mistake and subscribed to a sad dream in which I assumed had a happy ending. 

But our lives are both separate yet we share the same sadness that seems to have grown as a friend through the years. 

I’ve been praying hard and long and people distance me from my freedom, the possibility I could be loved by GOD. 

But if they asked me if I would go back in time to change this unfortunate series of events, I suppose I would say no. 

Because this gift of my mind is truly something I could never give up, it is the lighthouse of my soul.