Hi all. It’s been a long time since I’ve directly addressed my readers in a blog post but I suppose things in the world have gotten to a point where I feel like I should be straightforward with the emotions that I’m going through. I’m not the type to keep myself updated on the current events that are causing great alarm…I usually know that the news is going to be unpleasant but for some reason I decided that I wanted to write about something that I think people are responding to in only one perspective. I’ve only just turned 18 and I feel very strange about this world that I am growing up in. 

The threat of the coronavirus that is plaguing many regions throughout the world has caused people to respond in shock and I suppose, pandemonium about the possibility that they could be the next victims of this deadly virus. I can understand this reaction and I completely understand the need that we all want to be healthy and not vulnerable to the spread of this virus. I too, admittedly, was anxious about the virus and afraid that I might fall prey to it. But I can thank GOD for protecting me and my family who are all healthy living under His care. I thank Him for allowing me to live in Australia that values the safety and security of each individual and most importantly the ability to speak our minds on the issues in the world, not having to worry about censorship…something that unfortunately not everyone, especially people who really need it now, is granted. 

So getting to the point, I wanted to talk about the people in Wuhan who are going through immensely difficult times as family members and friends they have known their whole lives are dying before their eyes due to the virus. I can’t possibly imagine the pain people are going through as they watch the lives fade from their eyes, standing helplessly in the background in shock that their world has so suddenly and violently come crashing down. 

It causes me great pain because I can see it in their eyes of those living in my country, a country that offers us so many privileges, that we cannot understand what these helpless people are going through over in Wuhan. I believe that the people of China deserve a voice and the many brave individuals that have been denied that voice or silenecd for speaking out are still in desperation fighting against the forces of suppression, namely, the authority. People are dying, the number of deaths are rising and people seem to not understand that there is more to this virus than just numbers and statistics about the death toll or what we can do, as the ‘informed individuals’, to avoid falling prey to the virus. Because one thing we are not informed of and will probably never understand until it happens to us is that mothers are watching with teary eyes and breaking hearts as their children die before them at such a young age unable to help or even touch their child one last time as they might be infected by the disease. I imagine some of these unfortunate people had great hopes and dreams for themselves and those they loved and all of a sudden they were told there was no hope for them, no cure…this is enough for me to speak out. 

I greatly admire the courage of people living in China and fighting against the voices of oppression that seek to silence the truth of the virus…they are real heroes and I pray that GOD will bring to light the message that they are trying so hard to put out. Like I said, I’m not entirely educated on the issue of the virus, but I have done enough research to acknowledge that the people of China, particularly the people of Wuhan, are going through immense pain that I cannot fully yet comprehend but still, a pain that to me, in a place of safety and freedom, is overwhelming. I’ve been reading and watching their personal accounts in which these people have been angered towards their government for not taking early precautions to prevent the virus from growing…an action that if it was enacted could have spared great pain and numerous deaths of these precious souls. Personally, I doubt the leaders of the nation have any concern towards these innocent people.

A person that I would like to particularly honour is Dr. Li Wenliang who was one of the primary whistleblowers of the virus before it claimed international attention. I believe that his efforts to warn his fellow citizens of an impending, deadly virus were reprimanded by the Chinese police and yet he still fought on and put his fellow citizens before himself. The bravery of this man, who himself allegedly succumbed to the virus, is astounding as he voiced his desire for freedom of speech in a community greatly lacking in it. It is even more heartbreaking when I learned that he was only 34 and expecting his second child with his wife, a child that may grow to learn of his father’s legacy but may never really know him. According to the New York Times, in a post titled: “Chinese Doctor, Silenced After Warning of Outbreak, Dies From Coronavirus, it writes that “Dr. Li was also unusually young to be afflicted by the virus, at least according to the data gathered so far.” We will never know what really happened to this brave hero who displayed humility and courage in the face of impending death and punishment from the authorities.

On a positive note, I am grateful that the individuals had honoured Dr. Li Wenliang’s death and followed his example of fighting against an oppresive government that treated the truth…as a rumour.China really needs our prayers now and I pray that we will try to understand that the emotional scars borne by the families towards the death of their loved ones who have succumbed to this virus will probably never fade away. Also, I pray that the individuals around the world who have become infected to the virus will be healed by GOD’S GRACE and the families of victims who have died; to find support and peace that comes only from GOD.  

So yes, it is important to live healthy and be vigilant and these past few years, in which I had intentionally destroyed my body, I realise now the precious gift of life. Not only do I sympathise and pray for there to be great change in the world regarding the various injustices in the world from people suffering with mental illnesses and struggling to believe that they deserve to live in this world, I also sympathise for these precious people who deserve not to have their lives taken from them. God Bless Wuhan. 

Rage against injustice; let your lives burn with a flame of decency; break through stultifying darkness and welcome the dawn.” 

~ Xu Zhangrun