The wind comes and troubles the water. 

The sun shines on the rippled surface.

The shadows on the edge consume the light. 

If I told you the truth, you’d say I’m lying.

I’ve gone my whole life telling them lies to their face. 

But I never loved to lie, nor was I afraid of the truth. 

But you don’t know the world you live in. 

You’re educated on niceness which you use to backstab the ones you love. 

Given a licence to chase money that seems to numb your gnawing hypocrisy.

You don’t even know what you’re looking for, nor do you question your blindfold vision. 

Never ever finding peace, it’s too late when you begin to see the tsunami of lies. 

When you’re swept away, you have so little time to seek salvation before time drowns you. 

You wasted your life on papers with printed numbers. 

You lusted after growing zeros and how much of the world you could buy with your desires.

Drinking the wine of the world, intoxicated, you lost more of yourself in false dreams of those sweet memories you’ll never get back. 

Spending days wishing life was better than it was now. 

Wondering how much of your soul you had to sell to get where you are now.

Infatuation with these material things, you silence the voice within, ignore the gift of innocence. 

They all think they can cheat death with manmade creations, and run to summon their genie in desperation. 

But how can you expect to gain anything more than something material with a material genie. 

For all the things you want are the things you see and seldom the things you must feel.

You will never purchase something that will satisfy you forever for we live under time and not a standstill.

It is so easy and foolish to want to be a part of a world that is dying before your eyes. 

For even if the sun will burn golden forever, it is dead to you in your last breath. 

Money is like a genie, you summon it, you depend on it like an addict but no one ever condemns you.

You can buy the status of opulence, the luxuries of wealth and an oblivion to the pain of a world that will pass you by…

But you can never summon good character, nor can you find eternal rest in the comforts that you have so fervently chased. 

Why do we so easily believe what we are told? Why can we not see what is before us is just an illusion? 

For what you really need, the things that will give us peace, grow further apart as you rely on your money-genie for joy. 

You will never find contentment in a life where one desire is always superseded by another. 

Why won’t you invest in your dreams, in the memories that you can make meaningful? 

The life that will pass you by will seem like another happening to the blazing sun that fulfils its purpose.

If the sun has a purpose, I must too; I’m meant to chase more than the things I can see and wish for in this life…to swim towards the things that I can feel in the life that is to come, when I close my eyes and open my heart.