The blanket isn’t enough to remedy my hungry loneliness.

Still in my dreams trying to get back into my daydreams.

Winter is a reflection of all my fears and shame.

I only feed my loneliness by the golden drops of the sun.

They are too rare in the winter, and especially in my home-skies.

I cannot tell if my mood changes the sky, or the sky transforms me within.

Some winter mornings, I wake up to a summer sky but the air is cold.

What is it about the wind which howls that is so haunting?

The cold winds only remind me of the days when loneliness became my cloak and mask.

When I became so lonely, I turned to the sky and looked for GOD.

I thought I could find comfort in what I saw, but loneliness is birthed from sight.

Those who cannot see cannot say that a sky void of sun is loneliness.

Witnessing the love shared between others only to remember your abuse and fear of trusting.

Even when I see the beauty that I do not have, the cold winds rush into my bones.

I must have a heart, if I am so easily fragile to the simplest of joys.

I’m only afraid I will become blind to the cloak and mask and forever walk against cold winds.