Do we stop dreaming only when we have everything we want?

Does fragility make you sad?

In a dream I saw the sea waves become like sand and the horses turn to lions.

In another dream, a woman uttered Hebrews 4.

Each dream I swallow like a prophecy.

Begging my mind to reveal the truth, maybe I have the cure.

I want to help the world but my mind is full of scorpions.

And no one around is helping me, but I cannot tell anymore.

The waking hours are no longer vivid or alive.

I am breathing in my dreams, afraid to open my eyes,

Because I still don’t know which world is real,

For pain seems like pleasure in my dreams,

And pleasure is pain in your world.

Even in my dreams I am on the brink of reality.

So close to the world where things should make sense,

I wonder why I am truly awakened in the night,

Dreaming the day away.