It’s sad to know for a lonely girl like me that the music becomes the vehicle for your emotions and memories.

I’m spun out and caught in a silk web,

These songs don’t need me to work for joy,

I don’t even need to open my eyes,

They carry my soul and I believe again in GOD.

And they wouldn’t believe me if I said I wasn’t breathing this whole time.

I said to them “I don’t see anything beyond tomorrow”.

I want to see the nation of red, white and blue maybe before I die.

But the world I see on the screen is never immortal and time is the enemy of my dreams.

And my mind starts speaking again to me, the waves beat fiercely against my temple.

If it wasn’t for GOD, I would’ve ended right here, right now.

Sometimes when you look into someone’s soul your whole life can change.

And when you look into the void of the world, you can only find strength from GOD to carry your injured soul.

Do you miss the days when you thought you could love anyone and anything?

What made you so afraid to do it all again?

I know I could.

These walls that close me in and shut out everything else.

Why do I let the walls of my mind rise?

For each wave beats against the walls and erodes the body.

Living in fear that once every stone has sunk to the bottom of the sea,

there will be nothing but emptiness.

For the fear of emptiness is far greater than simply dying to the world.

To live forever in the same cycle, never moving, always suffering and yearning,

that there is a life beyond this, that the years do not pass by in the same cycle,

and the temple holding the burden of a lifetime lives afraid of which wave will open limbo.