My soul is a violin; it cries for a song to come true and bleeds out an abundance of suffering,

a prayer to GOD that I can truly swim above the current till my last breath,

like a halo cover me and play softly high up in the air ascending to heaven where I may find rest.

Be my ambition and hope, I have not felt alive for many years now.

Standing on the brink of fear and freedom, the waves are submerged by the beating of my heart.

Never before has life and death been so close within my reach.

The violins help me breathe when the current crushes me and suffering seems to be greater than death.

Life has made me question why I live each day, why I am here even now, where is hope if not within me?

Stillness is the flute far above the current while I am plunged under the dark waters,

Even when my life is in darkness, there is solace in that which I cannot see,

The innocent ring of the flute pierces the darkness and the face of the sky looking deep into a lost soul.

The soft light of the stars are pure, they are untainted by the world that has touched me.

Like a guiding hand, the violins lift me above the waves to let me breathe and whisper ‘survive’.

Let the waves descend, the horns crash against the flesh but my hope cannot be touched by them.

Take away what I never cared about and destroy the body for my joy is in my soul.

And the piano and the violins never stopped breathing, even when they reached the shore,

one day I will find my wonderful freedom and never regret those moments I spent swimming against the world.