The child says to the mother “The world hurts”.

When the mother asks why, the child says, “I don’t see any possibility to be loved,

For they will judge me by their eyes and they will not look within,

I have too many imperfections;

their deductions won’t go so far before they conclude I’m unfit in almost every way.”

The mother replies, “Love isn’t everything and a friend is better for they help you stay motivated when you’re down.”

The child says, “I cannot find anyone who has even a drop of loyalty.

Drop money, wave it before their eyes and they will run to it like bloodhounds,

Watch how fast they disappear, how they’ll give up an eternity of trust for a moment of pleasure.”

The mother does not know what to say, so she spends some time to think.

Looking at their reflection in the mirror she says,

“Be happy now for your parents love you, know that in your heart till you die.”

“I know I will die,” the child admits.

“But I also know that the blanket of loneliness is extensive.

It will not only cover me but it smother me and soon after you’re gone into the shadows, my moments with you will only be memories distorted in the face of time, known only to GOD.”

He looks into the eyes of his mother but they stare into mirror’s reflection.

“Your love for me now it will never be enough, for my soul is thirsty and it longs for eternity,

It longs so much for eternity that it is equally afraid of what lies behind the veil of life.”

Now she turns to look at her son’s eyes but her gaze is searching.

“There is nothing more than this. This is the time and place to make your name loved or erase your reputation in oblivious eternity. Many things come and go and while we are supposed to love the things here and now.”

“We often find that we drift away and search for new things but what we are really searching for is the chance to emulate the greatest pleasure that flows behind the veil, the pleasures of heaven on earth. And yet, nothing in this world will ever be enough mother.”

The mother finally said, “Perhaps if you can’t seem to believe that the love of those around you will last forever, maybe you will your joy in whatever you choose to become in this world.”

But the son said, “This big checklist only distracts me from that one big truth like a looming shadow in the back of my mind.”

“And what is it?” the mother urged.

“That when you know the truth there is no walking away, even if you close your eyes, the thought exists somewhere in some secret place of the mind, it cannot erased for it is meant to be there.”

“Can you see what life is mother? That there is so little to find true pleasure and yet, the soul keeps searching for it, hoping to find it each day, and if all attempts prove to be futile, the greatest assurance is that if I live right, if I accept truth and don’t hide from it, I can only hope and pray that the answer to my void is found in the life flowing behind the veil.”