Life has changed and I wasn’t really paying attention,

Why do they always try to make history?

The only thing they’ve done is stained their lies blue.

Show us one moment of your honesty, without compromise.

Maybe the happy times can only remain happy if they are unremembered.

You’ve regressed so much that your turned the basics into something so complicated,

how can you live life when you think it’s okay to kill the beginning of life?

And those who speak the truth, their eyes bleed because their soul has been poisoned by a world gone mad.

They are not wrong when they say that this is beginning of the end,

because now every cliché seems to be coming true.

If this is the final act, then I must accept that in the next moment I will die.

Life went too fast for me, and I wonder why I was born in this generation when I long for a world that is revived by dreams of glory and unity.

No matter the colour, there was hope in the kindness of strangers,

but their gospel is division and control,

their prayers are lies and they only worship themselves,

their narcisscism is destined for self-destruction.

Where is your love for your enemy?

Your actions reflect a loss of dignity that is below criminal.

You elevate yourself as a martyr but your greatest suffering is those who challenge you,

If you truly cared, then lay aside your impositions, for no life is saved in war.

No life will be saved in your unholy lie.