Stop acting like every breath you take stole you from death,

My nightmares only come alive when I can’t send myself to sleep,

I can’t seem to find my breath as the figments of my imagination play too heavily on my emotions,

Now every movement they make, even to offer me kindness,

I am a ghost lost in a mortal world.

My sadness is seven seas of pain,

puddles of tears pool on the pillow,

When does the heart of pain stop beating its drum?

Time means nothing to me when I’m shedding my emotions,

I’m such a good liar that I even can’t take off this facade.

If you give a part of yourself you have to take a part of them,

Now I don’t even know how to get back to the starting line,

The voice of the world haunts me: there is no going back,

I gave away my lies for free,

And they saw it, bought it, and didn’t even applaud it.

My lies have led me to loss,

My fears have stolen my freedom,

Look in the mirror and all I see are mistakes.

They saw me one dimensional, but I took in all of their elements,

I thought I could die to myself and the world to save others,

but I couldn’t even hold my pain in my trembling palms,

I had dreams that I would sit on the clouds,

I had dreams that I would look back on the past with a sweet song,

Somehow that dream has flown away,

Wait for the Phoenix to return,

let me climb your wings of fire and blaze and shine like you,

for one last ride, blind me to the world and lead me to the doors of heaven.