Drawn to all things destructive.

Dreams are where you lose footing of reality,

And stability is only found in life when nightmares come alive.

I won’t judge you until you reveal yourself to me.

We sit around looking at others wishing we could be like them,

growing in jealousy and hatred,

never wondering that maybe they crumble inside too,

I want your ignorance, you want my strength to bear the pain.

Only the body can be judged by mortal eyes,

Leave the soul to rest in the palm of eternity,

Or watch it burn away in the cycles of inferno.

Death is only measured in a number of days.

People never look up anymore,

their eyes are magnets to the flow of electricity in their palms,

Like the animal that yields its face to the ground, regress to the hollow of violence.

They said they don’t believe in GOD because they cannot see GOD,

Do you believe in trust and love or did you throw your pearls away like me?

Built your pride on sinking sand,

but cynicism converts your pride into rationality,

you are just afraid to speak of things within your soul,

you’re vulnerable, you want someone to listen,

I will sing your sorrow away,

See beyond the things you touch,

if you fall, you fall on someone who will cry for your void.

She will speak the truth if you let her,

I know your sorrow,

I have played the dead dreamer,

You don’t need to look through rose-coloured glasses,

the world is still beautiful because your suffering is your strength;

never your weakness.

You don’t believe out of fear,

You play the dead dreamer,

but life never ended for you,

we all turned down to ground,

The eyes of your soul still desire to see up on high.