The more that I take it in, the more I’m reminded of my weakness.

How many breaths till the final one?

Each one is only separated by time now.

The only ones who understand life are those who have seen the end of it.

Sometimes you fade into the past but eventually have to give in to pull of the present.

Everyone has to go through cycles,

Most get to complete whole cycles in their life,

knowing some experience of human connection,

making a friend to take with you through the cycles ahead,

or even holding onto someone so close you can call them your other half.

But me, I’m the stranger looking at the world,

what friends I have make me feel alien,

and to be loved by someone terrifies me to the point I have run away from who I am.

The cycles of life only make you indifferent,

when I look from the outside they don’t see their blessings,

what life has become when silence and solitude are called friends,

when you are not sure if the world is running away from you, or you from it.