The sky is sometimes the only beautiful thing,

they have eyes but chase blindly;

no, the sky can make everything else look better.

The strength you need to accept happiness,

when I’m a skeleton.

Sometimes the worlds we hold within us collide,

and you cannot find a way to bridge the person you are in each world. 

But the wherever the sky is, it always stays high above your head,

if I never had to look down, I think I would always be happy.

The moments when I feel that GOD doesn’t love me are the hardest,

because all I have is GOD.

And all the mistakes I made,

I treat them as crimes in GOD’s eyes.

With time, I forgot about my bruises and they faded into memory.

However, I’m not numb yet.

For my greatest desire and fear is to still feel and long to live,

my great risk is disappointment,

beginning with one disillusionment.