PSO J318.5-22

PSO J318.5-22

Perambulated platforms alone,

music blaring on full,

the weight of the world crushed my soul.

Didn’t know I wanted to go blind then,

the pain was too much to see,

life and death are balanced on a needle,

and I’m always on the verge.

To not see what I have seen,

to be brave and unapologetic again,

that is my childhood.

I saw abuse and blood,

fear and frenzy ran in my blood,

a diamond in the rough.

Touched by sin,

blessed by the light of music,

redeemed by God,

yet life is like a cage,

I breathe loneliness and I labour in oblivion.

Those platforms still swim with buried dreams,

they wake, they surround me like poison ivy.

My retrospective eye sheds nostalgic tears.

How can beauty sit so close to pain?

Brace myself as freight trains rattle the tracks,

these rabbit instincts in me want to hop.

So I said it, my truth is a blue flame,

I had to speak it while lucid,

I fooled me again.

I’m not awake, just deeper into my dream.

The sight of you breaks the anaesthetic.

The dream of seeing you again,

six day journey just to feel forever in a second.

Maybe you can break the bars of my soul.

No more pain if I go out the door to find you,

everything feels like I’ll never make it but,

it was your life that kept me far away from you,

and from me, you pushed me into the galaxy.

Like the cinema, your life is on silver screens.

The hero who only saves himself.

Leave me, a damsel out of mind.

You made me an interstellar alien.