AT RANDOM To believe in hope is the greatest hope of all. Sitting alone, listening for endless hours, To thinkers who have the answers to my childhood. Strawberries on the road. My tears are silver drops of sadness. Rainbows in the night. And I sleep at dawn. ✾themeekarestillhere✾


EVIL BEAUTY This song reminds me of the way that things used to be. At least the way that they were in my mind. I always thought I lost a part of me growing up. That memories and hope of youth had detached themselves from who I was. In a new shell, my shame was … Continue reading EVIL BEAUTY


DREAMING  Do we stop dreaming only when we have everything we want? Does fragility make you sad? In a dream I saw the sea waves become like sand and the horses turn to lions. In another dream, a woman uttered Hebrews 4. Each dream I swallow like a prophecy. Begging my mind to reveal the … Continue reading DREAMING


WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? Just how much of the day is occupied with thoughts, makes time go away. In a day, there are so many opportunities to do good. I just cannot seem to fulfill them all. But the hope of doing good in a world so bad makes life precious. Pain is … Continue reading WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?